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Introduction Class

Not sure how to do a proper push-up, dip, or squat? Or perhaps you just want an idea of what calisthenics is about? Join our introduction class to get familiar with the basic moves and get a glimpse of what it’s like to train with us. We’ll go in-depth with basic pushing, pulling and core exercises, focusing on the correct technique, form and muscle engagement to perform the moves safely.

Calisthenics 1

Jump right into the workout in Calisthenics 1! We’ll walk you through push-ups and pull-ups with varying grips, knee/leg raises and even some basic cardio work – the result is an all-rounded workout that hits your arms, core and legs. This class is focused primarily on improving your foundation and building muscular strength. As such, props like resistance bands, blocks, parallettes, and boxes are used to stagger the difficulty level to meet your unique needs.

Calisthenics 2

Ramp up the intensity in Calisthenics 2, a class most suitable for experienced practitioners. Think big: more reps and added weight! Expect compound sets (two or more exercises working the same muscle group), supersets (two or more exercises working opposing muscle groups) and complex circuits, some targeted at bringing you into advanced moves like handstand pushups, front levers and muscle ups. For this, you’ll need both physical and mental endurance, and definitely a decent level of strength*.

*Although we will provide variations, it is recommended that you are able to do at least 5 pull-ups and 10 dips!


It’s one thing to be able to get into a handstand, and another thing to be able to hold it! Our multi-level handstand class goes beyond building the necessary strength and flexibility – we also teach you the correct techniques to execute a solid handstand! There are exercises for your wrists, your arms, core and even legs, building towards helping you not just get up, but also stay up and safely balance on your hands.