New to Calisthenics? Training with us for the first time? Whichever it is, this class will help you start off on the right foot and for a smooth transition to the other classes!

As a newcomer, you will be given a thorough introduction of Calisthenics training. From becoming familiar with exercises that make the foundation of Calisthenics, to learning how to achieve your first ever pull up. In the process of all that, you will gain an understanding of proper technique, precautions, and the progressions of each exercise so that you can avoid injury while keeping things interesting.

For experienced practitioners, we’d be more than happy to receive a request of your interest at the beginning of the session – be it pertaining to increasing the number of pull ups, or technique for the muscle up or handstand, or even our training philosophy. Ask and we will deliver!

First-timers will only have to attend this session once before joining the other classes.


Join us now by booking your first class!

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