Being able to perform a handstand is not only impressive, but it also offers a myriad of benefits when done properly. If you are looking to stand on your hands for the first time, or you are stuck at finding your balance, or you want to learn a press to handstand, our handstand classes are definitely worth your while.

You will learn how to develop: the necessary strength in your shoulders and core so that you can hold yourself up, flexibility and mobility to tackle muscle stiffness that impede actions in the handstand, and the right technique to maximise performance and keep injuries at bay.

The inherently complicated journey of the handstand no doubt is the reason many people fall by the wayside. To help you create a lasting journey, you will gain an insight into our training philosophy and structured methodology crafted from years of our own training and coaching experience, so that you will have answers to the inevitable what’s, how’s, and why’s.

We have 3 levels of handstand classes:

  • Handstand 1: For beginners. Build starting strength and technique with basic handstand exercises starting with the wall.
  • Handstand 2: For the intermediate and advanced. Refine your line, entry, and balance. Train for higher level movements such as the press handstand and handstand push ups.
  • Handstand & Mobility: For all levels with experience. Pursue mastery in the basics with strength, flexibility and mobility, and various handstand exercises. Exercises mainly range from beginner to intermediate levels.

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