Calisthenics 1

Get started with Calisthenics 1 and be on your way to unlocking your very first pull up or nailing more repetitions of perfect form push ups!

This is a beginner class that focuses on developing foundational strength and endurance with variations of basic exercises such as pull ups, push ups, leg raises, and squats.

In each session, we will walk you through the workout focusing on one exercise at a time so that you will have no trouble keeping up with the pace. Our instructors also pay close attention to your form and technique to ensure you are always exercising correctly. Progressions of each exercise will be given suitable to your level so that you will reap the most benefits.

Although this class is geared towards beginners, that does not mean experienced practitioners will have nothing to gain from – your limits will be pushed, and you may discover a weakness to work on.

Calisthenics 1

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