Muscle Up

Learn all there is to know to do a muscle up! The muscle up, though an impressive demonstration of strength and power, technique and coordination play big roles too. The process of the muscle up – to name parts of it: swinging the body to generate momentum, timing the pull right, flicking the elbows over the bar – can be complicated. Therefore, we broke the entire movement down and repackaged it into bite-sized steps for the ease of your learning.

During this class, you will work on drills – including jumping muscle ups and banded muscle ups – in a progressive manner to help you grasp proper technique. Alongside technique work, exercises specific to improving pulling strength and power are incorporated into the workout, such as weighted pull ups and explosive pull ups, so that you will come closer to unlocking that first muscle up, or more reps, or an effortless strict muscle up.

It is important that you can perform 5 or more pull ups before training for this skill. If you cannot, the Calisthenics 1 class is a great place to start.

We have 2 levels of Muscle Up classes:

  • Muscle up 1: For those who can do 5 or more pull ups. Build pulling strength and power, and learn the basics of the muscle up technique.
  • Muscle up 2: For those who can perform banded muscle ups. Go beyond; train to increase reps, improve form, or even perform muscle ups with additional weighted.
Muscle Up

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