Jordan was practicing calisthenics starting in 2012. He had a simple goal of increasing his pull up numbers during his secondary school days to help him in rock climbing. In search of methods to achieve his goal, he chanced upon Youtube videos on Calisthenics. What he saw ignited his interest in this form of fitness. Eventually, he began working toward skills and feats of strength beyond pull ups. Jordan became competitive and had participated in competitions. He competed in the Asia Street Workout Championship in 2015 and the BiaAthletics Street Workout Competition in 2017. He had also taken on the role as a judge for the BiaAthletics competition in both years 2018 & 2019.  Jordan started his coaching journey with BodyweightSG in 2015 conducting outdoor classes at fitness corners.

He then began teaching at Singapore Calisthenics Academy in 2016. Jordan also had the opportunity to coach competitive gymnastics from 2017-2018 at gymnastics school The Yard. In his years of coaching, he has been able to make a positive impact on others and their goals through passing his knowledge about fitness and Calisthenics. In his years of coaching, his passion grew further and it made him realize the need to attain more knowledge in order to help others better. For that, he pursued studies in fitness training, sports management, and sports and exercise science. When it comes to his physical abilities, Jordan possesses remarkable strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility, due to his extensive experience in both Calisthenics and Gymnastics, making him one of the most versatile bodyweight practitioners in Singapore.

Jordan firmly believes in taking control of circumstances that can be changed, using them as an advantage for self improvement rather than stressing on circumstances that cannot be changed, only to hinder self improvement. Jordan is always motivated towards helping others reach their goals as he derives a sense of meaningfulness from doing so.


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