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Introduction Class

Not sure how to do a proper push-up, dip, or squat? Or perhaps you just want an idea of what calisthenics is about? Join our introduction class to get familiar with the basic moves and get a glimpse of what it’s like to train with us. We’ll go in-depth with basic pushing, pulling and core exercises, focusing on the correct technique, form and muscle engagement to perform the moves safely.

Calisthenics 1

Jump right into the workout in Calisthenics 1! We’ll walk you through push-ups and pull-ups with varying grips, knee/leg raises and even some basic cardio work – the result is an all-rounded workout that hits your arms, core and legs. This class is focused primarily on improving your foundation and building muscular strength. As such, props like resistance bands, blocks, parallettes, and boxes are used to stagger the difficulty level to meet your unique needs.

Calisthenics 2

Ramp up the intensity in Calisthenics 2, a class most suitable for experienced practitioners. Think big: more reps and added weight! Expect compound sets (two or more exercises working the same muscle group), supersets (two or more exercises working opposing muscle groups) and complex circuits, some targeted at bringing you into advanced moves like handstand pushups, front levers and muscle ups. For this, you’ll need both physical and mental endurance, and definitely a decent level of strength*.

*Although we will provide variations, it is recommended that you are able to do at least 5 pull-ups and 10 dips!

Handstand & Mobility

It’s one thing to be able to get into a handstand, and another thing to be able to hold it! Our multi-level handstand class goes beyond building the necessary strength and flexibility – we also teach you the correct techniques to execute a solid handstand! There are exercises to strengthen your wrists, your arms, core and even legs, as well as to improve mobility of your hips and shoulders, all building, towards helping you not just get up, but also to stay up and safely balance on your hands.

Muscle ups

Take your skills above and beyond the bar – literally – with our muscle-up class. For those who have muscle-ups in their repertoire of skills, this class will help you fine-tune the details of your technique to increase your reps. And for those who are starting out, this is the perfect class to develop the strength and technique in both push and pull exercises for you to start flying.

Straight Arm Strength

Stable shoulders start from the development of straight arm strength. Our straight arm strength class will focus on a series of exercises that help give you that, with the end goal of improving both your pulling and pushing strength, and maybe even developing your abilities in advanced movements like the planche, press-to-handstand, front lever and back lever.


Looking to improve your strength? The Rings class might be for you. The gymnastic (?) rings are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, supporting a huge range of different rings exercises. Being suspended means the rings offer less stability than a bar or the ground – meaning that even the most basic exercises feel different and become more challenging, all of which can help to take your strength up a notch and stabilise your joints.


There is more to core work than crunches and sit-ups! Our core class goes beyond the superficial muscle layers, targeting the deep muscles of the core to integrate it with the rest of your body. So say goodbye to traditional floor work, and hello to dynamic movements like L-sits, leg raises, and toes-to-bars – exercises that both give you a good workout and help you with advanced bodyweight moves in the future.


Turn up the intensity with Cali-HIIT! This class is a constant battle against the clock as you get into the rhythm, hammering out repetitions of bodyweight exercises to work your arms, legs and core. Expect to sweat buckets, for your heart rate to jump, and for your adrenaline to shoot sky high! Cali-HIIT is open to all levels, and will help with weight loss, as well as the development of basic strength, stamina and endurance.


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Here at Singapore Calisthenics Academy, the spaciousness of the gym comfortably fits a class of up to 15 students. Our training rig is specially designed to cater for a wide variety of progressions of different exercises aimed at the learning benefits of our students. We have plenty of equipment such as free weights, paralletes, dip belts and many more that are utilised to provide specific trainings and a wider variety of exercises and challenges. After a great workout with us, what’s better than to relax and enjoy the great view at our balcony with a nice chilled energy drink.

Bar Setup
Dip Belt and Weight
High Paralletes
Gymnastic Rings
Weight Vest
My Chalk Bucket


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