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Introduction Class

Not sure how to do a proper push-up, dip, or squat? Or perhaps you just want an idea of what calisthenics is about? Join our introduction class to get familiar with the basic moves and get a glimpse of what it’s like to train with us. We’ll go in-depth with basic pushing, pulling and core exercises, focusing on the correct technique, form and muscle engagement to perform the moves safely.

Handstand & Mobility

It’s one thing to be able to get into a handstand, and another thing to be able to hold it! Our multi-level handstand class goes beyond building the necessary strength and flexibility – we also teach you the correct techniques to execute a solid handstand! There are exercises to strengthen your wrists, your arms, core and even legs, as well as to improve mobility of your hips and shoulders, all building, towards helping you not just get up, but also to stay up and safely balance on your hands.


Turn up the intensity with Cali-HIIT! This class is a constant battle against the clock as you get into the rhythm, hammering out repetitions of bodyweight exercises to work your arms, legs and core. Expect to sweat buckets, for your heart rate to jump, and for your adrenaline to shoot sky high! Cali-HIIT is open to all levels, and will help with weight loss, as well as the development of basic strength, stamina and endurance.

Calisthenics 1

Jump right into the workout in Calisthenics 1! We’ll walk you through push-ups and pull-ups with varying grips, knee/leg raises and even some basic cardio work – the result is an all-rounded workout that hits your arms, core and legs. This class is focused primarily on improving your foundation and building muscular strength. As such, props like resistance bands, blocks, parallettes, and boxes are used to stagger the difficulty level to meet your unique needs.


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Singapore Calisthenics Academy

Looking for a fun and serious fitness regime? Don’t simply lift weights, run or do things without any guidance to get in shape. You have to start somewhere because last year you said its next year. So here we are at 2019, our trainers know just how you can do it.

We strive to deliver the best and customized training program to each of our clients, so that you’ll achieve your goals efficiently. Fitness can never be more fun when you are with us, though it look scary at the start, our trainers welcome you with open hands.

Why choose Singapore Calisthenics Academy?

Wide range of classes to choose from. We have 8 different types of classes and 20 different slots that we conduct in a week. If you miss one, there’s always another one. If our location is not convenient for you, or the time doesn’t fit to your schedule, our trainers will come right to your doorsteps.

Most of our trainers are the pioneer coaches when Calisthenics first touched into Singapore. We were the first Calisthenics Gym and now we are still standing strong with more Variety of Program. Guided and led by the legend himself Mr Firdaus, you’ll never go wrong with our trainers.

Homework at your own pace.

In SCA, we will remind clients on the things you need to do after the session. Its not a place where you pay and get instant results. Its not easy but its easier if you try. We will be Specific, Measurable, Agreeable, Realistic and use Time-Phased for efficient results when you visit us and leave to take something home from the training.

Our Clients

Pei Xi

Joined the 1-month handstand workshop; it was awesome, coaches are very experienced and provided tips to individual based on individual’s level and body. Over my expectation – learnt more what I expected from the workshop. Highly recommended!

Jyi Ing

The coaches are detailed and experienced in sharing tips and proper techniques in the March basic handstand workshop that I joined.
It is awesome to build up the fundamental skill under their guidance. Highly recommended and would like to join their regular handstand class in near future!


Good fundamentals skills and movements that can be learnt from all SCA instructors. Anyone of all ages, gender and sizes. The instructors are thoughtful and mindful to all the members. Learning has never been this fun ever since I came upon this place. With every training session, members who join the training regularly will also realise that their skills are greatly enhanced, I would strongly recommend my friends to join.

Mirna Li

Great vibes, amazing instructors. That’s where my handstand dream started to become solid and real!

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